Our Company


Birchard Hayes & Company is a fast-growing brand in the collectibles and home décor marketplace offering remarkable furniture, lighting, artwork, décor and collectibles.  BH operates an integrated business with multiple distribution channels including our various online venues.

We serve as curators of some of the most remarkable and unique items sourced through tireless exploratory adventures yielding wonderful discoveries and treasures.  Our collection of “Extraordinary Objects of Lasting Impression” is ever-changing and regularly updated for presentation to our valued clients.

We love what we do and we strive to provide the absolute best customer experience possible.  Birchard Hayes & Company welcomes you.



In this materialistic world of disposable, perishable products designed to quickly fall out of favor and be replaced by the newest, hottest promotion - we occasionally come across that enduring item that can stand the test of time to be held deep within our hearts and memories.

Clearly, the focus of a well-lived life is not about the random accumulation of material things. On the other hand, that occasional, wonderful find can enrich us by tapping into the spirit, heart, and memory of our life experience.

At Birchard Hayes & Company, we present extraordinary objects of lasting impression that elicit palpable, positive sentiment; many times recalling, even creating, vivid memories of the truly significant moments in our lives.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect gift for a special individual; a remarkable piece for your home, business or client; or a well-deserved, personal reward that’s just for you (or your inner child) - we're confident you'll find something special.