Large Scale Impressionist Impasto Oil Painting Field of Tulips - Artist Signed

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Vintage Large Scale Impressionist Impasto Oil Painting Field of Tulips - Artist Signed

Some of our artworks have been damaged in warehouse movement. This stretcher for this piece has been broken and removed; however, the artwork is intact. The pics will be updated asap. This item is being sold for the artwork value only; and the canvas-only artwork will be shipped rolled in a tube.


Condition consistent with age and history. Unframed; wood frame has slight separation at joint fingers (shown in pics). Please use zoom feature to check item condition and contact us with any questions prior to purchasing. Thank you.

The impressionists used innovative techniques to create their paintings. The impressionists were provoked by exciting developments in colour theory. They sacrificed outline and detail to create art that reflected human perception, and aimed for more free form, expressionistic painting.

Impasto is a painting technique that refers to the thick application of paint (usually oil paint). Impasto makes the painting look textured and opaque. When dried, impasto makes the paint look as though it is coming off the canvas. With the impasto technique, brush strokes are visible. Paint is often laid out on the entire canvas very thickly right from the start of the painting process. Oil paint is most effective in creating the impasto effect because it is thick and dries slowly. Impressionists created the impasto effect by placing a large amount of paint on their brush and painting objects with a series of shorter, uni-directional, brush strokes. The impasto technique eliminates distinctive lines and thereby reflects human perception, rather than an extremely precise depiction of reality. Furthermore, impasto allows painters to better control the effects of light (impressionists strongly emphasized the effects of light in their paintings), the texture created by impasto gives the painting expressiveness, and the technique can create a three dimensional aspect. Short, thick strokes of paint capture the essence of the object rather than the subject’s details 

Oil on canvas; unframed.

Approximate Dimensions: 55" wide x 44" high x 1.5" deep

Approximate Weight: 8.5 lbs.