US Army AAA Gunsite Equipment Trunk Crate by United Guitar Corp.

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United States Army AAA Gun Site Equipment Crate by United Guitar Corp.

Btry A - 337th AAA Gun Bn, Reading, PA

Approximate Dimensions: 27" wide x 22" deep x 20" high

Approximate Weight:  61 pounds  (remarkably heavy)

This is a Remarkable Piece of U.S. Military History manufactured by United Guitar Corporation

The United States Army's AAA Gun Site program ran from 1951 to 1959 and involved the placing of 90mm and 120mm gun batteries and supporting units in self-contained, permanent positions located in arcs around major cities and critical areas. In July 1950 there were 17 90mm AAA battalions in the Regular Army (2 were in training) and 5 120mm gun battalions. The Army National Guard had an additional 11 gun units. Initially the AAA gun program consisted of Active Army (Regular army and mobilized Army National Guard (ARNG) units stationed at major Army installations such as Fort Bliss, TX, and Camp Stewart, GA, with missions to move to major cites on order. Subsequently these units were moved to Army installations closer to their intended defense sites. Eventually the units manned the sites in a rotation, being billeting at the Army post. In late 1952 the on site positions became permanent stations for the batteries assigned to them and eventually barracks and administrative structures were built. During the winter of 1952-53, many AAA units lived in tents on site until permanent, usually cinderblock, buildings were erected. In 1952-53 mobilized ARNG units were released from active duty, and in most cases new Regular Army units replaced then in place. Starting in early 1954 the Nike-Ajax surface-to-air guided missile system replaced AAA guns in Active army AAA battalions (initially with 120mm units). Concurrent with this changeover, non-federalized ARNG units took over gun sites. These units had about ten fulltime soldiers, but were primarily drilling guardsmen and usually had a home armory in addition to the gun site. Starting in 1957 the Active Army began replacing Nike-Ajax with the next generation, Nike-Hercules, and the ARNG on site program began receiving Nike-Ajax systems and moving units to Nike sites. The Active Army AAA gun program officially ended in October 1957 and the few remaining gun units were inactivated shortly thereafter. The ARNG gun program lasted at least until 1959.

The 337th AAA Bn (90mm) in Reading was a Headquarters Battalion reorganized in 1947 from searchlight Bn; mobilized May 51-December 52 (Philadelphia), replaced by 506th AAA Bn; red as component of 213th Arty 1959.