Ducks on Pond - Antique Chromolithograph on Board - A. Koester

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Ducks on Pond -  Antique Chromolithograph on Board - A. Koester
Approximate dimensions:    Board at its widest point measures 13.5"; tallest measures 11.5".  Artwork/panel surface (not including the hard framing) measures 9 3/4" wide x 6 3/4" high.
This early piece of art is remarkable! 
Please note - This is not being advertised or represented as an original A. Koester piece.  If original, this piece would sell for $15,000 to $35,000 at auction.  Many works of art by prominent artists of their day were copied by lesser known, yet talented artists; and openly sold as reproductions.  Other well-known pieces were recreated using the chromolithography process.  Several variations of this process existed; but the highest quality were those that were intended to duplicate oil paintings (sometimes called the "German style'). The inks used were heavy, oil-based inks which when applied in several layers give a texture like that of an original oil painting. These prints were almost never printed with any text on them (though sometimes the title or a name might appear unobtrusively at the bottom of the image), they were usually issued with no margins, and often mounted either on a canvas backing or a board. They were also almost always sold in a frame (sometimes quite elaborate) without glass. Altogether this makes their appearance very close to that of an oil painting.  These prints are the ones that were designed to be sold to the middle classes so that they could hang these faux paintings in their home and benefit both from their sophisticated look and from being able to enjoy and learn from the artwork.
Stand NOT included.