Authentic World Trade Center Sculptures Statues - Goddesses of Abundance - 8' Tall

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Authentic World Trade Center Sculptures - Goddesses of Abundance

The Goddesses of Abundance - two eight-foot, monumental sculptures commissioned for and tenure-displayed in the World Trade Center’s “Big Kitchen” concourse level restaurant complex.

The sculptures were commissioned in 1977 by and for the World Trade Center; to be created and given life by New York City artist and sculptor Jordan Steckel.  A Guggenheim Fellow, and now long-established; Jordan Steckel is well-known for his remarkable private and public works of art including the modern-era commissioning of the huge, bronze-paneled doors to the Statue of Liberty.

The Goddesses were finally completed and introduced at a World Trade Center party in October of 1979.  Described by the press at the time as “two splendid, strapping nudes:  Aphrodite bearing a platter of eels and fish and fruits of the sea; Demeter with grapes and pumpkins, bananas and apples and fruits of the earth”; the press went on to praise them as “two giant, gorgeous girls, their arms full of goodness, the curve of their lips archaic and promising”. 

Sadly, the concourse level of the World Trade Center sustained significant damage in the 1993 terrorist attack.  The sculptures were removed from the World Trade Center during that time frame and lost to auction.  Several estate proceedings later, and more than four decades after being originally introduced to the world, a bit of good fortune finally brings them back into the limelight where they belong.

As reflected in the photographs, the sculptures were originally a brilliant white color.  After being removed from the World Trade Center, they had been over-painted with a greenish hue to simulate the look of bronze with well-aged patina.  The other pictures present their current condition reflecting their remarkably strong fiberglass bodies with flaking and chipping of both the over-painted green and original white paint/beach sand combination.  The fortunate new owner may choose to maintain them as they stand currently; or have them painted and restored to their original beauty and glory.

The Goddesses of Abundance are being presented for consideration and purchase with complete confidence and full provenance.  We have personally met and established a relationship with the original artist, Jordan Steckel; gaining invaluable insight into their creation and full background.  Their provenance and authenticity is beyond question. 

This is an opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind works of art blended with significant history.  

Thank you for your consideration; and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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