Authentic Disney 50's Mickey Mouse Club Episodes Studio 2" Quad Video Tape on Reel

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Authentic Vintage Mickey Mouse Club - Television Broadcast Studio 2" High Band Quad Video Tape on Reel w/ Original Shipping Container

This rare find has been shipped for airing to TV Broadcast Stations, including WRCB - TV, KCPX - TV, Group W Productions, etc...

Film reel diameter is 12 1/2".  Case is approximately 15" square.

This authentic, vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Club episode television broadcast studio 2" Quad Video Tape has been recently inspected, evaluated and cleaned by a professional, reputable video-engineering facility.  It was determined that the tape is most probably a direct transfer from 35mm film.  This tape is a remarkable find and rare in that most of these reels have been archived, repurposed or destroyed over the years. The condition of the tape is very good to excellent.  The reel is of two separate 30 minute Mickey Mouse Club episodes with 1956 and 1955 copyright dates, respectively; both of which we personally viewed.  The clarity and sound were very good to excellent - remarkable for its age!  The case has normal wear appropriate for being shipped between television broadcast studios.

Please use zoom feature to check item condition and email with any questions prior to bidding.